Get higher than you’ve ever been before by signing up for an unforgettable skydiving adventure. Our trusted and highly trained partners are here to ensure you stay safe while experiencing pure exhilaration.


Skydive Spaceland Florida

Are you ready for the time of your life!? Skydive or spectate to experience all the fun you can have.
Address: 1090 Airglades Blvd, 33440
Phone: (863) 983-6151
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Florida Ridge Air Sports Park

An unparalleled experience that will create a memories to last a lifetime.
Address: 12671 East State Road 80, 33440
Phone: (863) 805-0440
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Jacobs Flight Services, LLC

Experience the beautiful Lake Okeechobee and surrounding areas from above. Experience a packaged scenic tour and enjoy the the most popular sights we have to offer or customize your own.
Address: 1090 Airglades Blvd, 33440
Phone: (863) 983-2499
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