When it comes to Hendry County’s entertainment scene, there’s something for everyone. Day or night, rain or shine, there’s never a shortage of great venues and festivals to enjoy.



We're more than Alligators! The Everglades is home to some of the most unique animal species, many of them make their home around Gatorama.
Address: 10665 N US Hwy 27, 33471
Phone: (863) 675-0623
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Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum

Come to the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation and learn about our exciting living history and culture!
Address: 30290 Josie Billie Hwy, PMB 1003, 33440
Phone: (877) 902-1113
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Raising Cane Rodeo, Inc.

During the Sugar Festival
Address: 720 East El Paso Ave, 33440
Phone: (863) 983-4101
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Patty’s Patch Blueberry U-Pick

Patty's Patch is a farm in Muse just 6 miles north of LaBelle, Florida that offers U-Pick and ready to buy blueberries in April and May.
Address: 1320 Hog Wallow Lane SW, 33935
Phone: (863) 675-1105
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Firehouse Community Theater

The Firehouse Community Theatre has been providing a true community theatre experience in our area for over 22 years.
Address: 241 N Bridge Street, 33935
Phone: (863) 675-3066
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Hendry County Motorsports Park

Hendry Racing is the southernmost dirt race track in the US.
Address: 9985 W US Hwy 27, 33440
Phone: (863) 983-3478
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Big Lake Cruisers

We are a small group of car collectors and enthusiasts.
Address: 708 East Alverdez Avenue, 33440
Phone: (561) 261-2291
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LaBelle Rodeo Arena

The grounds house the 10,000 square foot main arena with covered stands, a 5,000 square foot pavilion, and 3,000 square feet of animal pens.
Address: 100 Rodeo Drive, 33935

Abbies Deli & Hookah Lounge

N.Y.C Style Deli Hookah Lounge
Address: 4060 NE Eucalyptus Blvd, 33935
Phone: (863) 674-4731
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Clewiston Golf Course

This is a favorite course for many fishermen as they can enjoy the renowned bass fishing and still have time to enjoy a relaxing game of golf all in one day.
Address: 1201 San Luiz Ave, 33440
Phone: (863) 983-1448
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